Pacetti is a long-standing family owned business, with over 50 years experience in the manufacture of tanks.  They have the qualified personnel and direct their inventive technological energies into providing the high quality products and services that have given them the title of an historical brand, an honour they are committed to defend over time.

Pacetti offer a wide range of standard and bespoke designed calorifiers for the production and storage of domestic hot water featuring fixed or removeable heat exchangers.  The high quality insulation options with extremely low dispersion support thermal equilibrium and the minimization of standing losses.  This contributes towards creating the best operational conditions for the heat sources, reducing the number of start-ups and optimising their efficiency, with consequent reduction of the operating costs and increasing their reliability and duration over time.

The range features construction variants to suit every application and budget, and in accordance with the European ErP Directive (2009/125/CE Energy related Products) requisites for improving environmental performance by reducing environmental impact and containing energy demands, Pacetti offer an ‘A’ class energy efficiency option for every variant.


Standard catalogued series of domestic hot water storage calorifiers with fixed exchangers from 200L to 5000L
Standard catalogued series of domestic hot water storage calorifiers with removable heat exchangers from 200L to 5000L
Bespoke DHW storage calorifiers allowing customisation of heat exchanger performance and storage size.
Shell & tube non-storage heating water calorifiers for heating and process applications.

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