Radiant Panels

Radiant panels provide a low energy option for heating with uniform temperature distribution, silent operation, and no routine maintenance.

With the operating temperature being the arithmetic average between the air temperature and average radiant temperature, radiant heating ensures by far the best comfort for people, reflecting what occurs in nature with the sun’s heating of the Earth’s crust.  Additionally, a radiant heating system does not require air movement, thus preventing drafts and eliminating the inconvenience of suspended dust, all in total silence.

With a correct design, it is easy to obtain an even operating temperature at every point in the premises, or even reduce the temperature in areas where staff do not actually work.  In addition, the possibility of modulating the water flow temperature according to the changes in the external weather conditions, ensures an optimum adaptation of the radiant temperature that will not cause perceptible oscillations of the operating temperature.  The floor is also heated to a temperature approximately equal to the comfort temperature, thus eliminating the inconvenience of cold feet.

Sabiana has been Europe’s largest supplier of radiant panels, having supplied over 40,000 installations and 6million square metres of panels since 1971.  Suitable for medium and large industrial facilities, offices, shopping centres, aircraft hangers, sporting & recreational facilities, and animal sheds, these radiant panels have been conceived, designed and manufactured specifically for a long life and exceptional comfort.


Designed for installation within a false ceiling or free-hanging individually.
Designed for exposed installation in large industrial and commercial areas such a factories, workshops, and gymnasiums.

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