Electric Boilers

Varmeteknikk is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of electric boilers, taking over the production of boilers previously under the ABB and ASEA brands in 1995, and exporting worldwide.

Their electric boilers feature a long service life, with compact space requirements, low maintenance costs, and a safe supply of heat.

With more than 60-years of field experience, the boilers feature advanced and reliable technology, resulting in both above-average reliability and also a long service life. Modern design as well as small dimensions are the predominant external features, while internally the electronic controller allows for extensive external control & monitoring, as well as advanced staging and temperature control. The units may be coupled together in series or parallel for larger applications.


The MB range of 9-models covers 30kW to 150kW output but no reduction in features.
The SB boiler range consists of 14-models covering 180kW to 1200kW output.

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