Deaerators & Dirt Separators

There are a number of factors that contribute to the smooth running of a heating and cooling system.  Air, micro-bubbles, dirt, and sludge, for example, can have a significant detrimental effect on functional reliability as they reduce energy transmission efficiency and create the risk of corrosion.  This inevitably results in further impairment, such as damage to expensive system parts or total failure of the facility.  

Reflex venting, deaeration, and separation technologies reliably extract dissolved gases, micro gas bubbles, dirt, and sludge particles from the system, thus significantly improving water quality.  The result is enhanced operational reliability, a longer service life, less maintenance and enhanced energy transmission efficiency.

A distinction is made between the various products and processes:

  • Venting of free gas bubbles and air pockets (Exvoid T)

  • Separating air and micro-bubbles (Exvoid)

  • Separating dirt and sludge (Exdirt)

  • Separating magnetic dirt particles (Exferro)

  • Combined micro-bubble, dirt, and sludge separation (Extwin)

  • Vacuum spray tube degassing of virtually all gas bubbles and dissolved gases (Servitec)


Active degassing of dissolved gases leaving water virtually oxygen & nitrogen free.
In-line air & dirt separators for removal of microbubbles, dirt & sludge from piping systems.

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