Swimming Pool Heat Recovery Units

Specialist heat recovery units for application in indoor pool environments to reduce energy costs, minimise condensation and improve air quality.

These Air Change units feature:

  • Energy efficient sensible air-to-air counterflow plate heat exchangers of plastic core with mylar transfer media to ensure the heat exchanger efficiency is unaffected by corrosion or media disintegration;

  • Construction with resilient components specially selected to withstand the harsh corrosive environment;

  • Reduction of outside air load by up to 80% through energy recovery technology;

  • 100% outdoor air ventilation to improve indoor air quality, prevent condensation and reduce corrosion;

  • Efficient heating of the pool water with heat recovery from the exhaust air;

  • Elimination of coil icing issues that are normally associated with low ambient climates.


Combining pool hall air temperature and humidity control while simultaneously recovering heat to the pool water.
Providing pool hall air temperature and humidity control and heat recovery.


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