PoolPac Plus Units

The PoolPac Plus unit is a direct expansion (DX) heat pump system designed to control the pool hall air temperature and humidity while simultaneously providing heat to maintain the pool water temperature, all in a single complete packaged unit.

Air to air heat exchange technology is the key to any energy efficient Air Change product, but the PoolPac Plus design (patent pending) uses the heat exchanger and the refrigeration circuit in two different ways depending on the season.

In winter, the heat exchanger preheats the cold outdoor air using the hot moist air that is being expelled from the building, reducing the air heating load. The heat pump refrigeration circuit then recycles the remaining heat from the exhaust air to raise the supply air temperature to its desired set point and maintain the water temperature. If required, a second refrigeration evaporator allows the PoolPac Plus to maintain air and water temperatures in very cold climates without the need for auxiliary heating.

In summer, when outdoor air humidity levels rise, the air humidity must be lowered before entering the building to avoid stifling and uncomfortable conditions that occur when the air humidity is raised further by the pool water evaporation. In this mode, the refrigeration circuit gains all heat required for air and water heating from the dehumidification of the outdoor air, using the heat exchanger to pre-cool and reheat the air to effect energy savings.

The video below demonstrates the features, benefits and advantages of using the Air Change Poolpac Plus units in modern swimming pool design.



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