Energy Recovery Ventilators

Air Change produce a comprehensive range of Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) to improve indoor air quality and reduce the peak outdoor air load on your air conditioning system, by pre-conditioning outdoor air through their patented total enthalpy air-to-air plate heat exchanger. With integrated cooling and heating coil options, as well as economy cycle mode and return air bypass mode, these units can produce significant seasonal energy savings.

Available in a wide range of options:

  • Wall mounted, in-ceiling, or plantroom/rooftop mounting options

  • Counterflow sensible-only or enthalpy heat exchangers

  • EC scroll or plenum fan options.

  • Optional integrated hydronic heat or cooling coils

  • Optional return air bypass modes for early morning warm-up cycles

  • Optional economy cycle modes for energy saving free cooling.

The short video below details the differences between energy recovery and heat recovery, and when to use each type of system.


Low-profile high performance energy recovery ventilators from 200L/s to 1200L/s.
Commercial sized energy recovery ventilators from 250L/s to 12000L/s.
Compact heat recovery options for through wall/window installation.


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