Dry Coolers & Remote Condensers

Thermokey are a world leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of cold chain components comprising dry coolers, remote air cooled condensers, and unit coolers.  They provide high quality, innovative, and highly customised solutions in the following fields:

  • Data Centre cooling

  • Temperature control in the production, conservation, and ripening of food

  • High thermal comfort in air conditioned environments

  • Efficiency and reliability in the energy and process cooling fields.

Their extensive ranges feature industrial performance and low energy consumption.


Dry coolers dissipate the unusable heat generated by production processes, power plants, engines, and HVAC cooling systems, to the ambient air via a closed circuit.
Remote condensers are used as external condensing units in HVAC/R applications, particularly in data centres, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, supermarkets and cold rooms.

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