Acoustic Doors

NAP Silentflo are the only Australasian company with independently laboratory certified acoustic solutions for almost every acoustic application, whether it be commercial, architectural, or industrial. 

NAP have a full range of timber and steel acoustic doors sets with a performance range from STC36 to STC60, and for both interior and exterior use.

Typical applications include:

  • Reduction of interference from external sources in cinemas, concert halls, recording studios, and executive offices.

  • Reduction of plant noise intrusion from generator rooms, HVAC plantrooms, pumping stations, and electricity substations.

Performance is backed with extensive independent laboratory testing of the insertion loss, regenerated noise level, and aerodynamic performance across the whole range, together with an on-going program of continual product development at their test facilities in Melbourne and Hong Kong.

Cooke Industries have represented NAP in New Zealand for over 40years, and manufacture their entire acoustic products range under license here in New Zealand.  We provide a complete acoustic solution, including:

  • Specialist advice for solving your problem in the most cost efficient manner.

  • A tailored acoustic solution, including bespoke design if required.

  • Local manufacture in our purpose-built facilities with backup from NAP’s factories in Australia, the Far East, and Europe.


Custom built to provide superior acoustic performance and ease of installation in demanding applications.
Excellent acoustic performance with attractive finish and ease of installation.

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