VisualAHU Selection Software

AIRPAK's new VisualAHU selection software, offers a fast-track design process to produce an air handling unit that meets your exact specification and needs.

Using AIRPAK's purpose designed VisualAHU selection software, we offer a fast track design process that gives significant benefits to our clients. We are able to produce a design that meets your exact specification and needs. Should your requirements change, these can be quickly incorporated.


  • Unique 3D visualisation

  • Fully customisable

  • Incorporates 'blackbox' selection of all major component manufacturers.


  • Customer GA Drawings ( DWG / REVIT )

  • Full Quotation

  • Fan Curves

  • Psychrometric Charts

  • Detailed Manufacturing Drawings ( DWG )

  • CNC Output to Fibre Laser Cutter

  • Full BOM and Cutlists

Why choose AIRPAK?

We deliver premium quality air handling units that are reliable, engineered to the highest standards and affordable.

Each unit is manufactured using a combination of in-house technical expertise, advanced selection software, high quality production facilities and a dedicated, experienced workforce. AIRPAK takes every care to ensure the air handling units you choose are optimised for your purposes, producing detailed drawings and technical specifications to illustrate exactly how the units will fit into your chosen application.

More importantly, AIRPAK will provide you with the complete solution, utilising the latest technologies and software to deliver superior air handling.