Fresh-Aire UV Lights

Fresh Aire UV was chosen for the AIRPAK air handling units at the new 277 Newmarket Shopping Complex to improve indoor air quality with chemical-free disinfection.

The redevelopment of Auckland’s premier shopping complex, 277 Newmarket, incorporates Airpak air handling units with Fresh-Aire UV lights installed within the coil chamber to improve indoor air quality with chemical-free disinfection.

The UV light systems improve the indoor air quality by reducing microbial growth inside the air system and sterilizing airborne germs as they pass by.  The benefits of this include: 

  • Energy savings by keeping components cleaner;

  • Lowered maintenance costs, with reduced cleaning frequencies;

  • Reduced maintenance worker exposure to chemicals;

The Fresh-Aire UV tubular rack system was chosen because of its features: 

  • Allows for UVC light to be radiated throughout the entire AHU;

  • Designed to be built onsite for endless size combinations for exact fit;

  • High quality water-resistant lamps;

  • Water-resistant power supply, with normal or high output options;

  • Lifetime power supply warranty.

  • Full certification with NZ’s Electrical Safety Compliance and EMC/Radio Product Compliance regulations.

Why choose AIRPAK - We deliver premium quality air handling units that are reliable, engineered to the highest standards and affordable. More importantly, AIRPAK will provide you with the complete solution, utilising the latest technologies and software to deliver superior air handling solutions.