Sydney SuperDome

The Superdome is a wholly enclosed, fully air conditioned arena with seating for up to 20,000 people - the largest indoor space in the Southern Hemisphere. It was designed as a completely flexible entertainment and sports facility permitting a diverse range of performances from basketball to ice hockey, rock concerts to circuses.

The $200 million arena opened in the tail end of 1999 and served as the venue for a number of events at the Sydney 2000 Olympics including gymnastics and basketball. Cox Richardson designed the facility in association with Devine Deflon Yaeger, and it received the IOC/IAKS Silver Medal in 2003.

The bowl of the Superdome's main arena was conditioned using TROK jet nozzles. Eight separate arrays of 16off DUK-V-K/400 jet nozzles located 8m above the floor and discharging at a 20° upward angle supply over 51m3/s of conditioned air across a 26m throw with a terminal velocity of <0.1m/s and 35dB(A) sound power level.

Trox SD type staircase swirl diffusers provide conditioned air to individual seats in areas not covered by the jet nozzles, with corporate boxes being served by VAV terminal units.