Plate Heat Exchangers

Cipriani Heat Exchangers, part of the French SFPI industrial group, are a boutique manufacturer with a more than forty year history in the manufacture of gasketed plate heat exchangers, and operate one of the most technologically advanced plate heat exchanger production centers in the world.

The Tailor Made approach to heat exchangers is at the heart of Cipriani, a concept that is not limited to product customisation, but that also contains their a world of values:

  • Global competencies, because they work with the largest players on national and international markets.

  • Flexibility, in providing our solution to every heat exchange need, with high performance and balanced configurations.

  • A dedicated team, that works everyday to create made-to-measure heat exchangers within the agreed delivery times.

  • Quality standard-setting, because they have raised the bar of the entire sector, setting new standards for the world of heat exchangers.


Gasketed & brazed plate heat exchangers for HVAC and process heat exchange applications.

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