Rooftop Package Units

As part of the Air Change range, we offer several premium rooftop package solutions for demanding full fresh air or energy conscious applications.

These MEPS approved air cooled package units all feature:

  • Variable speed scroll compressors for:

    • Precision temperature control

    • Increased turndown

    • Reduced compressor noise.

    • Significantly improved COP during part-load operation over digital scrolls.

    • Reduced wear & tear on both compressor and refrigerant pipework.

  • Variable speed EC supply & exhaust fans for accurate ventilation control in both CAV and VAV applications.

  • Sophisticated microprocessor controllers with touchscreen HLI and integrated BACnet connectivity.

  • Variable speed EC condenser fan control for operation at both low and high ambient temperatures.


Packaged rooftop units with full heat recovery from 11kW to 125kW.
Packaged high efficiency full DC inverter rooftop units from 20kW to 200kW.

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