Chilled Beams

The latest advances in chilled beam technology combine aesthetic flexibility, economic functionality, top indoor air quality, and minimised energy consumption to produce the next generation in building services systems.

  • Chilled beams have many advantages over traditional forms of conditioning spaces.

  • Energy benefits of using water as a cooling medium.

  • Shallow construction for use in low ceiling voids.

  • No moving parts, eliminating annoying noises.

  • Accommodates office churn with ease of layout requirements and adjustable airflow and diffusion options.

  • Preferred option in retro-fit & refurbishment applications.

Flakt Group offer both active and passive chilled beams, for both ceiling installation and free-hanging application.  With active chilled beams, fresh (primary) air is introduced directly into the beam and provides the motive power driving the beam induction.  Passive beams are used for cooling applications where the fresh air is separately introduced, typically by floor mounted diffusers.


Active beams developed for the high demands of the modern dynamic office where the ability to adapt the room comfort system to layout change is equally as important as adopting the latest energy saving solution.
Passive chilled beams developed to offer high flexibility for installation and a high cooling capacity.

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