Unit Coolers

Unit coolers are air cooled units used in air conditioning and refrigeration.  They can have different shapes, but are generally composed by one or more heat exchangers, inserted in a structure including, also, electrical-fans.  Their function is to maintain the design conditions of temperature, humidity and air throw within a system (cold rooms, etc.).  Thermokey’s products are primarily aimed at the food industry, but can also to used in chemical and process applications.

With over 30,000 unit cooler solutions to preserve food freshness and properties, Thermokey have a proven solution available.  The range of applications include food preservation in cold rooms, fast freezing tunnels, food freezing and greenhouse temperature control.

In order to respond to the market needs, ThermoKey provides:

  • Low noise fans to guarantee low sound levels in processing rooms;

  • Stainless steel unit coolers that are resistant and easy to sanitize, with inspection ports;

  • Defrosting systems to guarantee maximum cooling efficiency;

  • Blast freezers to ensure the rapid freezing of foods and preserve their original properties.

The Thermokey range of unit coolers comprises:

  • Light Cubic Unit Coolers – for small/medium cold rooms to preserve fresh or frozen products

  • Commercial Dual Flow Unit Coolers – for small/medium processing rooms

  • Industrial Dual Flow Unit Coolers – for medium/large processing rooms

  • Industrial Unit Coolers – for medium/large cold rooms and large refrigerated warehouses to preserve fresh or frozen products

  • Blast Freezer Unit Coolers – Cold rooms specific for either product cooling or fast freezing

  • Fruit Coolers With Blow-Through Fans – cold rooms specific for the preservation of fruit and vegetables

  • Radial Unit Coolers – for air ducting

  • Hen Unit Coolers – for potato & vegetable storage.

For all of these standard solutions, each component within the heat exchanger (casing, fins, tubes, internal bulkheads, manifolds, fans, electrical box, drip trays) can be customized on the basis of specific needs from both a corrosion and maintenance point of view.  We are at your disposal to assist you in the most suitable choice, for example stainless steel tubes for applications with NH3 or copper tubes with increased thicknesses for CO2, etc.


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