Traditional Chillers & Heat Pumps

Cooke Industries have been in the business of chiller/heat pump manufacture and supply for over 50 years, starting with the manufacture of chillers in the 1970’s through to the mid 2000’s, and then as refrigerant developments and regulatory requirements made manufacture uneconomic in New Zealand’s small market, through the supply of European sourced product.  Throughout this period, Cooke Industries have supplied thousands of machines, with a number of our original machines still in active service today.

Cooke Industries and their partners have been a leader in the drive to higher efficiency, firstly with the introduction of screw compressor technology in the 1980’s and then with the introduction of multiple scroll compressor technology in the early millennium, and subsequently refrigerant circuits with uneven size compressors, electronic expansion valves, EC condenser fans and micro-channel heat exchangers for reduced refrigerant volumes.

Cooke Industries are New Zealand distributor for the Johnson Controls / York range, and are able to supply Class A (highest) efficiency product across the small chiller market segment with inverter scroll compressor technologies.


Small size high efficiency DC inverter compressor driven heat pumps from 11kW to 40kW
Medium capacity high efficiency DC inverter compressor driven heat pumps from 44kW to 256kW
Modular air cooled heat pumps in capacities 65kW, 100kW, and 130kW

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