AIRPAK Air Handling Units

These units are built up from an ingenious design of anti-corrosive extruded aluminium framework joined by die-cast monobloc corners to form an extremely rigid structure. Available in nominal 25mm, 40mm, 50mm , and 60mm casing thicknesses, and in both standard and coldbridge-free construction for applications where the vapour barrier limits are exceeded.

Configuration is via a complete customized 3-D selection, costing and manufacturing system enabling quick automated production of technical data, submittal drawings, costing, quotation, cultists, bills of materials, and manufacturing/assembly drawings.

The range features:

  • 25 standard sizes from 0.2m³/s to 30m³/s nominal capacity.

  • Modular construction for flexibility

  • Non-standard sizing or site assembly to suit space requirements

  • Double skin polyurethane foamed panels for unparalleled strength, thermal performance and cleanliness.

  • Coloursteel outer skin with special marine grade PVF2 coating for enhanced corrosion resistance.

  • Superior noise breakout protection for extremely quiet running.

There are a wide range standard options covering:

  • Air filtration up to HEPA standards

  • UV germicidal irradiation treatment

  • Heat recovery for energy utilisation with thermal wheels, plate heat exchangers, or heat pipes.

  • Air treatment using chilled water, DX or evaporative cooling, desiccant drying, isothermal or adiabatic humidification, and LPHW, steam, electric, or gas fired heating.

  • Acoustic treatment to meet specific noise criterion.

  • Integrated controls for plug and play connectivity.

If you can dream it, we’ll engineer it and make sure it works; we’ve probably even done it before.


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